Pastoral Care

BodyDBCS is a school founded and designed for boys to the very core of its being. As a school we have specialised in educating boys for fifty four years, and as such, we understand the unique developmental needs of boys, and constantly seek to design and implement procedures, policies and practices that meet these needs so that we produce happy, well-adjusted, successful, relationship-enabled and inspired men.

The teachers here have consciously elected that calling, and know how to challenge boys academically, care for them pastorally and engage with them in a fulfilling range of cultural and sporting pursuits.

Among the teachers, tutors and coaches there are powerful role models on which the boys of DBCS can draw.

The focus at DBCS is on a well-rounded education and an exposure to the full range of academics, arts, sport, extracurricular activities and community service.

Our key priority is to provide a rigorous academic programme for each boy. We also acknowledge their physicality and offer a sporting programme with summer and winter sporting opportunities to boys of all abilities. The cultural opportunities at DBCS have grown enormously in the past few years and for many boys they occupy a substantial element of their day.

Perhaps the lasting test of a boy’s time at DBCS in the calibre of friendships that are developed, cherished and maintained for decades after school. Boys learn to be team mates, soul

Boys learn to be teammates, soulmates and brothers, and forge strong loyalties and bonds in a fragmented world that has long since given up on such ideals.


Through the Mentorship Programme, which is driven by the Music Department, new boys are guided through their first year by a more experienced peer – a system free from initiation practice, focusing on guidance.

Tutor Groups, families of approximately ten boys from various grades and a staff member, provide a support platform for further mentorship. The staff member monitors the developmental progress of each boy in his/her tutor group, taking a personal interest in their well-being.

Each Homeroom Class, which is aligned with an academic grade, is assigned a teacher whose role is to promote unity, instill mutual tolerance and ensure that the boys in this grade adhere to the core values of our school. The teacher works closely with the Class Captain in this common purpose.

Sunday evening services are held in the Ken Mackenzie Auditorium. Visiting Pastors from the area or a staff member at the school, share a message with the boys. There is also a time of praise and worship and an opportunity for prayer.