Music Theory

music theoryReading and writing music are the tools that help shape our little Dragons into fierce, musically literate creatures who can understand and appreciate the language of music.  While we do not believe that Music Theory is the only means to become a super musician, we do think that being able to read and write music effectively plays a big role in becoming a rounded choral singer.

At the DBCS, all boys from Grade 4 to Grade 9 have two Music Theory lessons per week, which form part of their academic curriculum. The boys are grouped according to ability, which means that boys of different ages could be in one class.  This has the benefit of being able to learn Music Theory at your own pace, whether you are a beginner or have more theoretical experience and knowledge.

Our DBCS Music Theory syllabus is a combination of the skills required by the three major external examination bodies for Music (ABRSM, Trinity College and UNISA).  By the end of each year, all boys are able to sit an examination from any of these examination boards.  This is a valuable measuring tool for the boys, as well as the music staff, and it serves as a benchmark for other schools when our graduates apply for scholarships to continue their FET studies once they leave the DBCS.