Music Appreciation

A-248Music Appreciation forms part of the academic music curriculum at the DBCS.  This subject completes our students’ knowledge of musical styles, concepts and the history of music, with an emphasis on improving boys’ ability to discuss and form opinions about music and performance.  The curriculum comprises of a combination of general musicology, culturalism, music genres, historical periods, composers, instruments, music notation, form analysis, music criticism, performance practice and music listening.

The Music Appreciation classes are designed to help our little Dragons critically listen to and develop an enjoyment of extraordinary music. They will learn to understand, recognize and hopefully delight in a wide variety of musical forms and formats.

All boys are educated in the basic fundamentals of music and how to become aware of them in the music of today’s (and yesterday’s) world – in other words, everything from Bach to Michael Jackson, and even Justin Bieber.

Today’s children have more access to music than any previous generation and we should take advantage of that. Our boys should walk out of the classroom listening to their music and thinking “Wow, I understand this better!”.  Hopefully, we will be able to expand their interests and taste in music in the process as well.