Message from the Executive Head

The Drakensberg Boys Choir School (DBCS, also colloquially known as Drakies) is an internationally acclaimed school where boys are trained in the art of choral singing and performance. This unique, specialised facet of the school’s product-offering runs parallel with the academic curriculum. Through the rigour of maintaining multiple responsibilities as choristers and scholars, boys leave DBCS as confident, well-adjusted young men suitably equipped to face the challenges of their late high school years, and beyond.

The DBCS mission is “To prepare boys for life and leadership through excellence in music, academics, sport and social enrichment in a Christian environment”. In striving to fulfil our mission, it is my firm conviction that no boy will reach his potential unless he feels safe, valued, and encouraged. The physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of every boy is therefore paramount. As boys embrace the trials and thrills of the Drakies journey, my team of staff is committed to upholding that as a priority.

Boys who choose to embark on this challenging, yet richly rewarding journey join a small, elite band of men who exist globally, each member of whom proudly calls himself, “A Drakie”.

Dave Cato

Executive Head