Message from the Head of Academics

The DBCS is a Middle School, aimed at boys eligible to attend Grades 4 – 9. Due to the unique nature of our school, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to ‘bridge the gap’ between primary and high school and equip our boys with the General Education and Training (GET) skills needed for their remaining three high school years.

Our boys are privileged to enjoy a unique, rich educational experience in a truly majestic setting.

The academic component of a Drakies education is critical for the boys’ final three years of secondary education, which will in turn prepare them for their tertiary studies. A relevant academic programme has certain essential elements, all of which are in place at Drakies. Passionate, committed teachers are our most valuable resource. The well-structured school day, a library, modern IT laboratory and numerous other educational tools facilitate a first-class academic experience for the boys. At Grade 9 level, an aptitude assessment is facilitated to assist boys with their subject choices when they leave DBCS. In November, boys also write the national, standardised assessments in English, Afrikaans and Mathematics set by the Independent Examinations Board.

The DBCS teaching staff are committed to nurturing and inspiring every boy to reach his academic potential. Most importantly, we seek to instill in the boys a love for learning while maintaining their well-being as a top priority.

Erika Linde