Curriculum BodyOur curriculum is CAPS-aligned but uniquely adapted to suit the needs of our Choir School – we are first and foremost a musical institution, providing an education through choral music.

We offer the following subjects to all grades:

Boys in the Intermediate Phase (Grades 4 – 6), in addition, take two other subjects

  • Natural Sciences & Technology
  • Social Sciences

Boys in the Senior Phase (Grade 7 – 9), in addition, take three other subjects

  • Natural Sciences: comprised of two modules, Biology and Science
  • Social Sciences: comprised of two modules, Geography and History
  • Economic Management Sciences

Curriculum BodyAll our pupils are formally assessed in the above-mentioned subjects and are exposed to termly cycle tests and examinations. In addition to the school week, we often have academic lessons on Saturdays, to ensure that the curriculum needs are met.

Skills-based subjects fulfil an integral role in a boy’s physical, emotional and creative development. The progress of boys in these key areas is closely monitored and the programme is adapted to accommodate their collective needs.

  • The younger boys take part in the Physical Education programme, under the supervision of a sports coach, during the last lesson on a Friday.
  • Technology  is a course where our Grade 7 – 9 boys have the opportunity to research and explore aspects from the CAPS Technology curriculum, as well as other areas. These topics provide an enriching experience for inquiring minds.
  • Discussion Topics, relevant to the developmental age and need of the group, are grappled with during Homeroom lessons; these topics are in-line with the CAPS Life Skills and Life Orientation curriculum.
  • Community Service is an important part of being a Drakie – all our boys are encouraged to give actively of their time in outreach and environmental initiatives, during term time as well as when on holiday. A spirit of ‘giving back’ and sharing is encouraged.