choirOur choral programme consists of three aspects:

  • New Boys Training Programme
  • Concert Choir
  • Touring Ensembles

New Boys Training

When a boy joins our school, he begins a journey of discovery in our New Boys Training Programme. This intensive programme consists of a series of cumulative music modules, which cover all the basics of music theory, singing technique, aural training, touring and rehearsal protocols, as well as general school rules, traditions and a familiarisation with the systems and structures in place at our school.

New boys join the choir rehearsals of the concert choir at certain times, in order to gain experience in rehearsal technique, choral singing, movement and stage performance.

Once a boy has completed the Training Programme, he has to do a solo performance in front of the entire school, as a final audition to gain entry into the concert choir.  The existing choir members give constructive criticism regarding the performance, and the music staff then make the final decision whether the boy is accepted into the performing choir.

Concert Choir

Our Concert Choir has two choir rehearsals per day (morning and late afternoon).  Rehearsals are structured so that boys get the maximum amount of work done in preparation for upcoming tours and concerts.  The Concert Choir performs in a public concert every Wednesday, as well as during our two annual music festivals (Music in the Mountains and Christmas in the Berg). It also undertakes an annual tour at the end of the school year, where they present a programme of Christmas music.

Touring Ensembles

Throughout the year, the choir is frequently invited to perform at official events, corporate functions, and on tour throughout South Africa.  Boys from the concert choir are selected to go on tours and perform in ‘away’ concerts.  The school aims to undertake a national tour every year, as well as an international tour.  To date, we have visited over 50 countries.