Boarding Policy

boarding policyThe boarding community aims to provide a second home in a communal environment, for the students at the school. A boarder should enjoy the friendships, the security and the care of his second home.

Boarding principles and practices at DBCS:

As a boarder at DBCS, you are expected to:

  1. Make a positive effort to get along with others in the boarding house.
  2. Work at living harmoniously with other boys by making reasonable allowances for personal differences.
  3. Treat your cubicle or the dormitory and common areas with respect.
  4. Understand that you are one of many living in common spaces.
  5. Follow all school and boarding rules and procedures.

While we do not expect all boys to be the best of friends, we expect everyone to show respect for others in all that they do and say. Rules are necessary to make it possible for the boarding house to run smoothly and to ensure that their lives will be happy and comfortable.

Prefects, the Duty Staff and the Head of Boarding will respond to and deal with disagreeable dormitory and boarding situations.

If the need arises, the Head of Boarding and then the Executive Head will become involved with individuals who are incapable of or unwilling to adhere to the boarding and school’s expectations mentioned above.

Boys are required to always adhere to school’s Code of Conduct and Core Values.

Download a PDF of the full DBCS Boarding Policy here.