Academic Support

Academic Support - Body Photo (uncropped)For the Grade 4 – 6 boys, far away from home and in need of parental guidance, we have included a Homework lesson at the end of each school day. Here, under the guidance of nurturing Homeroom teachers, the boys are able to get through most of their homework and learn to plan their time – essential skills that they need to master for the future.

The older boys work independently on their homework in the evenings during supervised ‘prep’ sessions of 90 minutes, in the comfort of their dormitories.

The Director of Academics coordinates the Academic Support Programme, intended for boys who are struggling in core learning areas, such as Mathematics and English. Specialist teachers in each of these subjects are available to give assistance to boys. In a school with so few students it is possible to closely monitor the progress of each pupil and provide guidance to parents. Should boys require intervention from an Occupational Therapist or Educational Psychologist, parents are advised in this regard and provision is made for boys to attend such sessions.