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Message from the Head of Academics

The DBCS is a Middle School, aimed at boys eligible to attend Grades 4 – 9. Due to the unique nature of our school, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to ‘bridge the gap’ between primary and high school and equip our boys with the General Education and Training (GET) skills needed for their remaining three high school years.

At the DBCS we are passionate about encouraging each youngster to aim for excellence in all that he does. There are numerous opportunities available and systems in place to assist our boys in achieving their personal goals. More importantly, our committed staff collectively form a support network to help the young boys in dealing with their personal challenges – life’s journey is not for the faint-hearted, but guardian angels at our school make all the difference!

Such a journey may seem arduous for a young child and the prospect quite daunting for parents, knowing that a nurturing home environment cannot be replicated by any schooling establishment. Even though the young boys who join the Drakensberg Boys Choir School are carefully selected for their musical potential and screened for academic acumen, we acknowledge that one cannot have equal ability in all areas – the supportive role of our experienced, committed academic department is crucial here. In addition, any pupil who demonstrates a talent or interest in a particular learning area is encouraged to pursue enrichment opportunities and build on their strengths.

We strive to provide an education that focuses on young boys becoming responsible, dependable teenagers with integrity – boys equipped with leadership skills and conscience. We promote the acquisition of vital skills such as critical thinking, objective thought, effective communication and time-management. Most importantly we aim to instill a love of learning.

The boys at the Drakensberg Boys Choir School are multi-talented – our role in their journey is to nurture these talents.